Welcome to Skyline Sober Living. Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment in which men and women in pursuit of recovery may continue to evolve until they feel sufficiently ready to assume independent living. Our homes provide an opportunity for a shared living experience that facilitates the individual recovery.

Whereas sober living is often considered part of an overall individual program or practice for successful recovery, we are not a licensed formal entity and provide no medical, therapeutic, counseling, meals, transportation or any services that distinguish a formal treatment program.

We have beautiful residential homes in safe neighborhoods that have been remodeled to accommodate the shared living experience. Our homes serve simply to provide safe living accommodations that people may live in a family atmosphere as they go about their daily lives and evolve in recovery. We ask residents to be willing to adhere to established guidelines and house rules designed to maintain the individual’s sobriety, as well as the home’s safety, cleanliness, and anonymity; as well as ensuring respect for and a cordial rapport with our neighbors. The guidelines include areas such as employment, volunteer work, or further education, as well as involvement in some outside twelve step recovery format. We ask a resident conduct themselves in a manner conducive to share living.

Skyline is grateful to have invested in the lives of men and women by simply providing a superior home environment so often integral to successful recovery.

For Information you may contact Rick Gilmore GM at 949-872-1454